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Hypnotherapy, and Philosophical Counselling

Natural forces that exist within and around us, only have to be harnessed by skilled minds to bring, on many occasions,drugfree healing and benefit.

  Clinical Hypnosis
The HPA Journal is now published as
“The Hypnotherapy Practitioner”

Research being carried out in the USA and reported in our journal Hypnosis Today( now the Hypnotherapy Practitioner) ( front page above) demonstrates the effect of hypnosis on a subject who was shown a coloured board and was then told that he is seeing black and white and vise versa.

The M.R. scan ( brain cross section illustrated) used to measure the response confirmed to the researchers that the hypnotised subject was perceiving a black and white image within his brain  when in fact his eyes were seeing colour. Also the reverse was found to be true. This research indicates that there is a scientific basis to explain the so called ‘altered state of consciousness’ of the hypnotised subject. How this special state of altered consciousness is used, depends on the therapist and the skill of pre-hypnotic analysis, together with the presentation of concise and well directed therapy during treatment. It therefore follows that  those considering therapy should find out a little about their prospective therapist and ascertain, so far as is possible, that the necessary rapport is present between the therapist and themselves to enable full acceptance of therapy to take place.

Having said all that, hypnotherapy is generally considered to be a thoroughly invigorating and a pleasant experience without any need for apprehension. Any pre-therapy nerves are easily dispelled by the therapist in the first few minutes of the consultation. Hypnotherapy is about creating change within the subject-positive beneficial  change that will enable that person to deal effectively with their problems.

Philosophical Counselling Being able to off load traumatic stress, intolerable sadness or hopelessness, and impossible situations, sharing them in confidence with a knowledgeable
and independent person is in itself a great relief for those who benefit from  counselling. Having explanations for feelings, Reasoning through the history of damaging experiences, with another human being who has an abundance of life experience and is trained  to guide the client through the maze of hazards that occur in the confusioin of depression. Your Philosophical Counsellor is confidential, knowledgeable and trained. Counselling has a vocational element  and it is this aspect of counselling which is often most valuable.