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Membership of the HPA.



The aims and aspirations of the HPA, as a registered research charity, is directed to promoting the research and enquiry into the science of hypnosis in therapy and its healing benefit in medicine.

The HPA is however, also primarily concerned with Members best interests in Practice in the 21st.century. In this regard we are committed to promoting public awareness of the value of hypnosis. 

Provide professional recognition and support for Members

Maintain a National Register of Members on the internet and provide a free webpage for each Member.

Facilitate contact by those requiring therapy with our Membership in all parts of the UK.

Promoting Members work and achievement in Press and on TV. To also maintain contact with newspapers and journals to make them aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy in healing.

Membership is open to all hypnotherapists who have successfully completed a formal course of Training at a recognised training school, or been taught the skills and philosophy of hypnotherapy on a one-to-one basis by a successful practicing therapist of at least five years standing.

Membership benefits

Membership of a proactive National Association which puts the interests of the practicing hypnotherapists first. News and information on current affairs affecting hypnotherapy. Active PR support for you in your local area and nationally in the newspapers and on television. An organisation that will promote both you and your Practice and the interests of hypnotherapy.
Your name will be added to the HPA. UK Register automatically, without extra subscription and displayed on this website. The HPA journal, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, which will soon be available as a download free of charge to Members, can be sent by Royal Mail post for an extra subscription. Those Members requiring postal service should contact the office for subscription details

Membership Applications

You can either write in for Application Forms or choose to download the 2 page Application Form and Banker Order by clicking on the icon below.

If you are not able to download an application, please click here to download a printable online version of the Application and Bankers Order.

Fill up and return the forms in the Post, to the address on the Application Form. Processing takes about 21 days. After which you will receive your Certificate by post to your home address.  Membership Certificates are renewed annually.

Professional Indemnity (treatment risk insurance) underwritten by the Royal & SunAlliance is available to Members with a discounted premium

Do not forget that you can contact the HPA national office by e-mail, telephone or post.

Use the ‘contact us’ icon on this page. We will endeavour to answer all your questions promptly

Application Download here

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Introduction Letter

Application Form


If you're unable to download the application form, click here to view a printable online version.


Application for a web-page attached to your entry in the HPA National Register

If you do not have a website already then a presence on the internet is very important.

We offer you that opportunity. Allow us to build a page and put it online for you. The webpage address can be used by you in advertising etc and can be accessed directly without going through the HPA Register.

 Our own friendly staff at Head Office also will give out YOUR name and address to telephone enquirers in your area. Download the Application Form here with the click-on icon below.

 Download Your Own Webpage Application Form Here

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Web-page Application