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Welcome to the


Incorporating the
Alliance of Philosophical Counsellors 

The professional organisation for Hypnotherapists and  Philosophical Counsellors  in the United Kingdom.


You can still access a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist near you.  



You can ACCESS the HPA. UK National Register to look up YOUR LOCAL HPA THERAPISTS anywhere in the UNITED KINGDOM.

Click  Find a UK Practitioner” to go to the HPA NATIONAL REGISTER   then click (COUNTRY/COUNTY )  for HPA Therapists in your locality


If you are a smoker – rest assured

  our members treat nicotine addiction very effectively.


The HPA is an independent professional organisation for Hypnotherapists and Philosophical Counsellors in the United Kingdom. The HPA is not linked to any group of Training Schools but all our Members are formally trained by approved training establishments throughout the UK. We represent the best interests of both the general public and our Members alike. All our Members are formally trained to the highest standards and maintain a strict Code of Conduct.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association and the Alliance of Philosophical Counsellors are proactive organisations that give all ethical practicing hypnotherapists and philosophical counsellors in the UK. a platform for expression in the 21st.century. The HPA extends the public awareness of the value of clinical hypnosis and counselling in the wider issues of good health.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association is a Registered Research Charity & Members Organisation which promotes its members interests whilst working together to secure a respected place for Hypnotherapy and Philosophical Counselling within medicine. In this regard we are unique.

Hypnotherapy is a distinct discipline with its own methodology, philosophy and application. It is not part of psychotherapy, although it is often used as a successful alternative. Hypnotherapy should be used exclusively, or seen as the option for treatment following psychoanalysis.

Providing a proven and researched track record to such a powerful and beneficial healing force is therefore of immense importance in medicine.

Recently the HPA has admitted the Alliance of Philosophical Counsellors to its Membership so that the value of counselling is fully appreciated working with hypnotherapy.

Philosophical Counselling is a skill mostly drawn from life experience and Members are committed to assisting clients to come to terms with, and sometimes solve their problems in a practical and constructive way. This is essentially a ‘non-technical' exercise and relies on some formal training plus a wealth of practical life experiences vested in the Counsellor by virtue of their own life experiences and knowledge.

Philosophical Counsellors are typically in the 40+ age group, and are essentially, robust and independent individuals, who are rich in Life Experience and have made Counselling a satisfying vocation as part of their life work.

Our Members, are listed on our UK Referrals Register of Therapists, by Country, County and Town. All have been formally trained and have passed our own security screening. We offer their services to you with confidence. Each therapists skill is marked: Hypnotherapy (HYP) and Counselling (C), (Press the search button at the top of this page)


For those who are not familiar with these Therapies, we would like to assure you that there is nothing for you to be apprehensive about. Therapy is not in any way an unpleasant experience; some find that apart from the benefit of treatment in the long term; therapy itself is extremely pleasant relaxing and uplifting in its immediate effect. It is often a very effective method of dealing with problems when all other treatments have failed. We would like those who are in need of our services to make us the first port of call and not the last!

All therapists develop their own style of application of therapy after training, but broadly treatment is divided into fact taking, analysis and then application of remedial therapy. It is all about influence, changing direction, changed attitudes. This allows the therapist to input positive influence into the mind of the client during treatment enabling the client to better deal with life problems from resources within themselves. It creates new harmonies within the person.

Members all conform to our strict Code of Ethics and Practice


  • All members undertake to maintain the following Code at all times.
  • Provide treatment with a diligent duty of care.
  • To always work within their knowledge, competence and experience.
  • Hold full Public and Professional liability insurance cover.
  • Ensure that wherever a physical cause to a patient's condition is either known or suspected that the patient is encouraged to seek medical advice.
  • To maintain strict confidentiality and the security of written material during and following treatment.
  • Obtain permission from the client before the commencement of any audio or video recordings of any part of a consultation are made.
  • Refrain from using the position of trust and confidence created, to exploit the patient emotionally, financially or in any other way whatsoever. If any irregularity in the relationship arises to immediately cease treatment and where appropriate refer the patient to another therapist.
  • To complete the course of treatment in every case at the earliest possible opportunity consistent with good practice.
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient and those accompanying them.
  • Ensure consulting rooms and all other facilities are appropriate for their use.
  • Conduct themselves at all times in accord with their status and do nothing that might bring Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association into disrepute.


The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association is committed to the interests of the Therapist. We have our Members best interests always in mind. The HPA will secure for you, the working therapist, greater status and acceptance within government and the medical profession.

We are accessible to all, call, write or email for information or advice. We are promoting hypnotherapy and presenting it to the general public in a way that has not been done before. All that we do at the HPA will reflect directly in increased knowledge and understanding amongst the general public and result in more use of Hypnotherapy and Counselling generally, resulting in extra business in your Practice.

We have already achieved:

1. A substantial and growing membership.

2. Established the HPA website with a UK Referral Register with link facilities to Members websites, or we can build a webpage or site for you, built to specification FREE, and hosted for you at reasonable cost.

4. We maintain strong PR. contact with newspapers and television etc. providing information about hypnotherapy and counselling and enabling contact with our Members who often take part in programmes or produce specialised features for newspapers and journals.

5. Secured preferential Insurance premiums for working treatment cover and public liability.

John Dove. Chairman

If you are not on our mailing list and have not received an application through the post, then e-mail us at Annual Subscription is just £60-00 a year payable at £5-00 per month by Standing Order. Or by one annual payment of £55-00.

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Competitively priced Comprehensive Treatment Risk insurance Is available to all members.

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